The Das Investment Division activities are concentrated mainly on the formation and management of investments for the Das Group including the provision of support that entails the management of the investments and oversight of Das’s business units.

Operating subsidiaries comprise of unlisted companies with boards of directors in which Das Holding has Executive representation. Non-subsidiary investments comprise both listed and unlisted companies not controlled by Das Holding and which are mostly associated companies due to significant influence and Board representation.

Das Investments invests directly in its wholly owned companies in addition to partnerships in projects across the United Arab Emirates and abroad along with investing in funds managed by external Investment Managers.

Our Investment objective is to create long-term value to shareholders through capital growth and cash flow and invests in a portfolio of carefully selected companies with outstanding management and projects providing a balanced exposure to the high risk/high reward sectors.

Investment Process

The investment selection process varies on a case by case basis, but generally includes:

  • Identification of investment opportunities for further evaluation.
  • The first priority is always to select top quality people.
  • Assessment and valuation.
  • Investment proposals are subjected to a series of filters, including country and political risk, technical assessment, valuation methodologies.
  • A priority list of ten investment opportunities is identified and assessed further.
  • Board Risk Committee recommendation, assessment and decision.
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