Quality Policy


The DAS Board of Directors meet each month to take decisive action on critical management items and strategies. Furthermore, the Executive Board meets weekly or as needed to facilitate prompt, appropriate responses to business matters and critical business operations in consultation with the Board of Directors.

In addition, DAS Holding has adopted an Investment Risk Committee and an Auditor System. The Auditors attend management and important meetings and investigate the Holding Company and Subsidiaries by performing fair and accurate audits. DAS Holding is also financially audited under statute by an external auditing company. Our Internal Audit Department oversees internal audits and also evaluates, verifies, advises and proposes amends to ensure internal management and service efficiency.

The Risk Committee meets on a regular basis with the Senior Management of DAS Holding to exchange views, and review existing investment performance in addition to reviewing and determining the outcome of new investment opportunities.

DAS Holding makes every effort to conduct timely disclosure of information through the Board, Risk Committee & Stockholder meetings in order to enhance management transparency and accountability.

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