About Us

Who we are

Headquartered in the heart of Abu Dhabi, DAS Holding has grown into a multi-faceted global investor. Our activities, investments, and key operating companies straddle a range of sectors and industries, with areas of focus in hospitality and leisure, transportation, real estate development and construction, information technology solutions, healthcare, retail, and food and beverage.

We have always had the UAE’s development potential in mind and pride ourselves today on being major contributors to its growth story. Equipped with a sharp investment approach, a commitment to the highest standards, and expertise that spans multiple global markets with subsidiaries fully supported by a global network of partners and associates, we thrived to become one of the largest and most dynamic investment holding companies in the UAE today.

We have enjoyed steady and continuous growth over the years, and despite being open to expansion having diversified into a plethora of sectors, we remain true to our vision and to our reputation of being an innovative business incubator. We pride ourselves on possessing the right tools to help clients achieve their investment objectives.

We are currently invested in a wide portfolio of listed and non-listed companies. We emphasise on pioneering ideas for an innovation-led future and believe we have an obligation towards our client community. Our communities are a solid reflection of the culture we support – one that is deeply rooted in merit, respect, teamwork, and opportunity that attracts the industry’s best talents.

We are committed to technology, guaranteeing we take the lead in a fast-changing economic environment and aggressively leveraging the use of cutting-edge know-how within our subsidiary companies. To keep up with technological advancements and to be ahead of the game, we have mapped out for ourselves a forward-looking vision that guides us through the ever-changing business landscapes of dynamic cities.

Our expert and meticulous investment approach prioritises high quality companies that have strong business franchises, attractive growth prospects, a leading market position and the ability to generate superior returns. We are the ideal business partner for corporations, governments, and entrepreneurs who seek to develop synergies and nurture a new company.

Our corporate strategy centres around success, be it ours or our clients’. We invest our own assets side by side with them, which is why our aim is to constantly operate an efficient and dynamic organisation of dedicated professionals with the collective purpose to create long-term value for its stakeholders.